Malt of the Month – June – Balvenie 12 year old

Nose: Rich and complex with honey, citrus fruits and vanilla oak notesTaste: Rich and honeyed with a hint of sherry fruitiness. A spiciness of cinnamon and nutmeg and a subtle oakiness develop with time.Finish: Warm and lingeringTry it at Meldrum House for only £4.00 throughout the month of June!


Macallan Gold

Malt of the Month – May – Macallan Gold

Nose: This burnished gold spirit presents a lemon citrus nose, the orange peel and an interlacing sweetness that softens but doesn”t eliminate the zest. A quiet note of vanilla is followed by dark chocolate – more assertive, yet not overly so – with a lingering floral and light oak notes.

Palate: Citrus and boiled sweets rule the palate, along with hints of ginger and cinnamon, while soft oak tones reveal toasted apples.

Finish: The finish is medium sweet, malty and slightly dry.

Try it at Meldrum House for only £3.75 throughout the month of May!


Malt of the Month – April – Glenmorangie Original


The scent of citrus and ripening peaches is softened by the aroma of vanilla.


First, vanilla is detected on the tongue before it ripples along the palate bringing a burst of flowery fruitiness.


About a minute after tasting, you are left with a clean and salving aftertaste with hints of orange and peach.


Pale lemony gold

Price for the month of April is only £4 a nip!

Red Bubbles

Cocktail of the Month – April




50ml of Cointreau

75ml of red grape juice

Sparkling Mineral water



Pour the ingredients into a highball glass half filled with ice cubes.

Stir gently and serve.


Did you Know?

The Urquhart family lived at Meldrum House for over 200 years


Cocktail of the Month – March




15ml Silver Tequila

25ml Midor

10ml Triple Sec

Splash of Orange Juice

Orange Slice



Mix in a shaker with ice and garnish with an orange slice

Glen Garioch 12

Malt of the Month – March


“Glen of Rough Ground”



From: Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire

Source: Springs on Percock hill

Nose: Sweet papaya notes

Taste: Sweet papaya fruit cocktail

Finish: Tropical fruit flavours, creamy/sherbety


Lairds Suite

Bedroom Review – Lairds Suite

The Lairds Suite – literally the best room in the house!

This room was completed in April 2012 and was built within the walls of the original manor house of the Meldrum Estate. The largest room in the hotel hosts its own sitting area with fireplace, television, coffee table and sofa and chair. There is also a dining table for two in the window, just perfect for room service if you want to enjoy a romantic night at Meldrum in your own little world.

The Lairds Suite is the only room in the hotel which has two entrances, one connected to the hotel to allow an internal transition, and one entrance at the top of the iconic stone stairs at the front of the hotel. The wardrobe for this room is located within the rounded turret near the external entrance.

The king size bed is pure luxury, but to accentuate the indulgence, there is a featured unit at the bottom of the bed which conceals a 40 inch television on a mechanism which on pressing a button on the key remote, will allow it to rise up for your viewing pleasure.

The most sought after feature of this exquisite room is undoubtedly the double jacuzzi bath.

This bath is the main dominating feature of the room, which also hosts a his and hers sink, concealed toilet and walk in shower.

The bath also faces yet another television recessed into the wall, and this one has a remote which floats!

Did You Know?

The stone staircase at the front of the hotel was added in 1625

Strawberry Kiss

Cocktail of the Month – February




25ml of Bacardi

25ml of Disaronno

4 Strawberries

50ml Of Double cream



Muddle all ingredients together and shake with ice until smooth.

Pour into a wine glass which has a garnish of fresh strawberry on the rim.